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        13 days 10 when, with a loud ringing, the first class international freight Haou X86805 loaded with goods from Harbin out of the Xiangfang Railway Station, trains will cross the Eurasian hinterland to hamburg. The train will send a weekly class, achieve normal operation, which also marks the Longjiang silk belt in the construction of new achievements, a modern silk road smoothly through the. (Heilongjiang news network June 14th)

        Haou international freight trains to the main business of Harbin by Russia to Europe's rail freight trains business, is the response to the national Belt and Road Initiative "strategy and" Mongolia Russia economic corridor of Heilongjiang sea Silk Road Economic Belt by long construction, logistics, UTI, Dalian Port, the United States Kazakhstan cooperation project. Is currently the opening of the Asia to the European railway lines in the more commercial value of the line.

        Haou international logistics company organized Kazakhstan trains in Europe and other domestic trains is the biggest difference every week out and return freight train, also provides industrial chain finance, virtual storage management, cross-border electricity suppliers and other value-added services, is currently a number of Asian and European railway lines in the most commercial value of the line. Many domestic well-known export-oriented enterprises optimistic about Kazakhstan Europe trains fast and efficient, safety features, the participating enterprises are increasing, resulting in the Haou company in a relatively short period of time to complete two months of trains from the set of goods. At present, the company has implemented the full round box for two months, to provide "door-to-door" service between Europe and China, become a bright spot in Central Europe trains.

        The orderly introduction of a series of measures for the reform of railway freight organization let us see the determination of the railway transportation organization reform. The reform of "outside of the form", the ordinary people become visible and tangible benefits, is the primary stage of railway freight reform, but to establish a top domestic and international first-class modern logistics enterprises, the pace of reform of railway can not stop there, but to let the reform "internalized in the heart". Kazakhstan transport time is freight trains in Europe by half, compared with the previous railway line every car transport costs by $2000. Kazakhstan trains in Europe a week after a class, to achieve the normalization of operations, is expected to end out of 26 round-trip trains.

        Kazakhstan trains in Europe conduct open Sino EU economic and trade exchanges to build a new bridge, formed a new link, the role and significance is huge and long-term. Provide convenience to domestic businesses, also let European customers to create more interest in Asia and the Chinese trade, drive the development of bilateral trade and industry, boost regional economic booming up. Let China's railway freight out of the quality of a new road.
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