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        Xinhuanet Harbin, June 13 (reporter Li Jianping) 13 days morning 10 when Xu, the first Haou international freight class column loaded with goods from Harbin Xiangfang railway station slowly pulled out. In the next 15 days, the train will cross the Eurasian hinterland to hamburg. This marks a connection, Japan, South Korea and Russia as well as the European countries of Asia Europe new trade logistics channel officially through.

        Haou international freight trains in Heilongjiang Province, with the construction of "Chinese Belt and Road Initiative" strategy and "Mongolia Russia economic corridor of Heilongjiang sea Silk Road Economic Belt, a class of international freight plan opening column. Heilongjiang province in the hope of "The Belt and Road" strategy will own China the north frontier province disadvantage, for the conversion of Russia and Northeast Asia Open bridgehead and the hub of the advantage.

        First ha Aubin column from Harbin starting, after China and Manchuria and Russia Baikal to Chita into Russia on the Trans Siberian Railway, to polish Brest, horse pull happen the Albion to end in Hamburg, Germany, full of 982 kilometers. Trains carrying a total of 49 containers of cargo, including electronic components, liquid crystal display parts, auto parts and other 15 major categories of products, with a total value of about 300 million dollars. Ha Aubin column return will import goods from Germany to Harbin, has and Mercedes Benz, Audi and other large-scale manufacturing enterprises established cooperative relations.

        Haou International Logistics Co., Ltd., general manager of Tu Xiaoyue introduced ha Aubin to the column section of the first set of goods covered three provinces in the northeast of China and ring Bohai Sea region, North China, East China and Japan and South Korea, the main city and port, European set of goods, including Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, France, Spain teeth, Italy and other can provide "door to door" service between China and European countries.

        With short distance, high speed and low cost "advantage, Kazakhstan has attracted international attention trains in europe. The German hamburger area, Bavaria, the Lowersaxony state government and hope to Haou cooperation company. France, Switzerland and other countries of the railway company also said it will ha European trains in Europe extension cooperation.

        Compared with other domestic has been opened to the European international freight trains, Kazakhstan trains in Europe is also more obvious advantages. Heilongjiang Province Development and Reform Commission deputy director of the Peng Jielin analysis if from the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Sea region leading to Europe, ride out of the country to Harbin, Manchuria, Eastern Railway Corridor, than the Alashankou to leave the western corridor, and Erlianhaote to leave the central channel, saving time and cost. Therefore, Kazakhstan has trains in Europe economy, convenience, safety and other advantages.

        Chinese logistics Federation President He Liming said, Haou international freight trains can reduce the cost of international logistics between China and the EU China Europe international logistics, save time, will greatly promote China EU integration logistics development, promote the northeast three provinces, East China, North China, Japan and South Korea to Europe in total trade promotion, to implement the logistics industry Chinese "The Belt and Road national development strategy will also play a positive role model.

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