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        Heilongjiang daily news (reporter Tan Yingchun) 25 days in response to national construction "The Belt and Road" strategy and Mongolia and Russia economic corridor of Heilongjiang sea Silk Road Economic Belt, Beijing long Limited by Share Ltd, UTI International Logistics Logistics Co. Ltd., Dalian Port Corporation, Harbin Railway Bureau, four domestic and foreign famous logistics enterprises combination, Haou international logistics company was founded in preparation for the 25 day conference held in Harbin city. At present, European trains CDB to promote the work smoothly, is expected in mid June opened the first class trains to achieve normalization of operations.

        According to reports, Haou international logistics company to transport vehicle and accessories based weekly CDB column, franchise Harbin to European freight trains. Provincial government organizations, hair reform, finance and other relevant departments, Harbin municipal government, long logistics company, actively promote the HA Aubin CDB work, has organized two months return box (quota) supply. The parties on the future investment is Haou companies optimistic about the investors, companies are trying to expand the share ratio. According to market research, Haou international logistics company plans to 2015 CDB row 28, trains 2296 TEUs of container volume is expected value of 1.7 billion yuan, import and export value of 42.8 billion yuan; 2016 CDB 52 column, trains 4264 TEUs of container volume, output value of 3.5 billion yuan, import and export value of 88 billion yuan. Haou company and Foxconn, Mercedes Benz, Audi and other large-scale manufacturing enterprises has been established strategic cooperative relations, round-trip freight trains to transport high value products. Haou future plans in Yekaterinburg, Russia to build an international logistics base, become to the Eurasian Continental Bridge railway and the port of Dalian on, business Europe to Russia and Russia to China, Japan and South Korea logistics land and sea transport multinational logistics enterprises.

        According to one of the partners of the long logistics company vice president Tu Xiaoyue, ha Aubin classified project is transportation resources optimum allocation and powerful combination, Harbin Railway Bureau of railway operational advantages, Pan Hong of Dalian Northeast Asia supply gathering center position, UTI extensive customer resources and long-lasting company from Germany to China mature operating experience, the project four enterprises can independently. Ha Aubin column and domestic several classes listed the biggest difference is weekly open round-trip freight train, is domestic first provided at both ends of the door to door service class column, in addition to providing trains, also increased the industrial chain, finance, virtual storage management, such as cross-border electricity supplier added value services. In Europe the coverage in addition to the German hamburger, Duisburg, it includes the eastern Bavarian region of Germany and Poland, the Czech Republic, Spain, France, Italy and other countries.

        The company is located in Harbin Haou on Heilongjiang province is located in the center of Northeast Asia hinterland, North and West Road through Russia to Europe in the Baltic Sea, to the east by the Russian port by sea arrived in Japan and South Korea, special advantage with land and sea transport; from the operating costs, from the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Bohai to Europe, the eastern part of the railway crossing Manchuria exit, than the western channel via Alashankou exit and exit channel via Erenhot central railway freight transport, can save time and cost, compared with economy, convenience, safety and other advantages, several companies of Kazakhstan project business confidence trains in europe. The estimated four ha trains in Europe offered in June have all been mancang. Some customers has to pay attention to at present, Heilongjiang is gradually formed and European transport linkage benefit, hope the company Haou matchmaking, and between the government of Heilongjiang to carry out cooperation.

        Ha Aubin column is the opening line, also caused the attention of domestic and foreign some large manufacturing enterprises and local, domestic enterprises such as Foxconn, has shown a cooperation intentions. At a rough estimate, Haou international logistics company in Heilongjiang province for a year can bring $3 billion in import and export volume. International, Han Bao region of Germany, Bavaria region is aware of departure from the Heilongjiang Kazakhstan Aubin column of Germany, local influence, hope and Heilongjiang provincial government and Harbin municipal government to form the interaction and cooperation. (Editor: Li Shuo)

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