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        In the EU China Customs jointly promote, China and EU AEO mutual recognition will be formally implemented from November 1st.

        The EU is China's largest trading partner for 11 consecutive years. China is the second largest trading partner of the EU. This year is the 40 anniversary of China EU diplomatic relations, China EU trade volume in 40 years increased a staggering 250 times last year, bilateral trade volume exceeded $600 billion mark.

        In this context, implementation of China EU mutual recognition of AEO, gives the integrity, security of enterprises the most preferential customs clearance convenience, to enhance China EU supply chain security and facilitation, in line with the common interests of central government and business, will undoubtedly become the economic and trade cooperation between the two powerful "booster".

        In September this year, China officially became a WTO trade facilitation agreement "Protocol" members of the implementation of AEO will perform for the mutual recognition of the "agreement" commitment to promote global trade facilitation play an important role.

        Chinese customs has been actively promoting the EU customs AEO mutual recognition work. Early in 2008 the two sides will set up a special working group to carry out mutual consultations AEO. In the meantime, the two sides also revised their respective rules and regulations, and improve the relevant information technology systems, and strive to achieve the AEO system and the practice of unity, compatible. June 2015, in witness and Li Keqiang, the prime minister and EU leaders, China and the EU customs signed the joint statement on China EU AEO mutual recognition, decision since November of this year formally implemented AEO mutual recognition.

        After the implementation of the mutual recognition, China more than 3000 certified senior AEO enterprises to export to the EU's goods, in the 28 member states of the European Union customs clearance can enjoy and the territory of the other AEO to facilitate customs clearance, according to preliminary estimates, clearance average identification rate will be reduced by about 70%, customs clearance speed will improve more than 50%, so as to effectively reduce the cost of port enterprises, insurance, logistics and other trade.

        In October 15th this year, the General Administration of customs China invited the European Union and the United States Customs in Beijing successfully held the China EU mutual recognition of AEO, C-TPAT will demonstrate the Sino US joint". The meeting, China, the European Union and the United States Customs AEO system experts to nearly 300 companies, the China EU mutual recognition of AEO and us C-TPAT joint verification related policy and obtain convenience.

        On China EU mutual recognition of AEO, as the delegation of Changan, Ms. Luo Love Leger Wright said: "China EU mutual recognition of AEO, will make the enterprise the integrity of the law China goods in the EU customs clearance more convenient and smooth."

        Since the customs in China since 2008 the implementation of the AEO system, has made substantial progress in the mutual recognition of AEO cooperation, has signed a new (Singapore), South Korea, Hongkong and the mainland of China a total of 4 AEO mutual recognition arrangements, on the 31 2014 Chinese countries and regions, exports accounted for about 40% of the total foreign China export. China customs and customs are stepping up to the United States, ASEAN, India, Japan, Switzerland and other major trading countries or regions to carry out AEO mutual consultations, and actively promote cooperation with AEO in Russia, Kazakhstan and Egypt "The Belt and Road" national customs along the supply chain, to promote international interoperability, promote trade facilitation and support the development of foreign trade enterprises.

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